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eMedia Rock Guitar for Dummies

Instrument Instruction
Rock Guitar for Dummies

Guitar For Dummies teaches how to play rock guitar, including stringing/tuning your guitar, playing simple/full/power chords, and much more
Over 70 audio and video-enhanced guitar lessons and rock gear tips from instructor Charles McCrone, a graduate of the Guitar Institute of Technology
Learn rock, punk, and metal techniques, including power chords, effects, yanks, hammer-ons, pull-offs, palm muting, distorted riffs, the blues scale, using feedback, the whammy bar, and more
Animated fretboard displays fingering positions as the music plays, making it easy to follow along
Includes convenient practice tools such as an automatic tuner, metronome, and digital recorder
Instant Feedback Listens To The Playing & Highlights Notes Played Correctly In Melodies
Interactive Educational Software Includes More Than 70 Step-By-Step Video-Enhanced Lessons & More Than 30 High-Quality Videos With Full-Screen Options
More Than 70 Audio & Video Enhanced Guitar Lessons & Rock Gear Tips
Teaches Users To Play Songs, Chords & Rifts Within Minutes